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UCSI University Trust SACE International Scholarship
International Students
This scholarship is offered to new intake student pursuing the South Australian Certificate of Education International programme conducted by UCSI College. It is open to those who obtain at least 5As in the SPM or 3As in the IGCSE O-Level examination taken in year 2018 and 2019. Scholarship entitlement corresponds to the number of As achieved in the relevant subject.

SPM Achievements* IGCSE O-Level Achievements* Scholarship Amount (RM)**
9A+/A and above (Min 8A+) 8A*/A and above (Min 6A*) 19,000
9A+/A and above (Min 6A+) 7A*/A and above (Min 4A*) 9,000
9A+/A/A 7A*/A 7,000
8A+/A/A 6A*/A 6,000
7A+/A/A 5A*/A 5,000
5A+/A/A 4A*/A 4,000
4A+/A/A 3A*/A 3,000

Successful recipients must: Maintain a minimum grade of 90% (full scholarship) or 70% (Partial scholarship) for every semester, below which may result in revocation of scholarship.

* Only As for relevant subjects will be considered.
** The amount will be disbursed equally over the 2 semesters of study.

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Scholarship Application Form (Malaysian Students)

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