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Student Testimonial
Top in the World for AS Level Mathematics
Macqurie University actuarial science first year

“I am thankful to my Mathematics lecturer, Miss Adeline, who have been assisting me throughout my study at UCSI. I encountered several obstacles during the Statistic 1 subject but she helped me to overcome this obstacle and improve on it”

“I love the lecturers here at UCSI. Whenever I have doubts in my studies, they would provide me with the best solutions and always made sure that I understand the theories by heart. It would have been very difficult, if not impossible, for me to achieve these results if it was not for their guidance and advices”
HKU Engineering First Year

“Studying A-level's at UCSI gave me the opportunity to improve my potentials due to the intelligent lecturers and well-equipped facilities”
Harvard Medical School Global Clinical
Scholars Research Training Programme Scholar
Top UCSI University Medical Student

“My A-Level experience at UCSI gave me strong foundations for my future. I’m now doing an intercalated research years at Harvard University and this would not be possible without my pre-university experience. UCSI really went out of the way to prepare me for this and I’m grateful for the tremendous amount of support I’ve received over the years”
Currently studying Engineering at the University of Cambridge

“Studying A-levels at UCSI helped me realise my potential. My teachers raised my aspirations and helped me hone my thinking skills – essential traits that help me immensely at Cambridge. O learnt how to organise my time, how to be independent and most importantly, how to be effective. The lecturers and students share a strong bond of camaraderie at UCSI and I made many lasting relationships here.”
World’s Top 10 Award Winning for Chemistry, Physics and Further Mathematics
Currently studying Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London

“The exhilarating learning environment at UCSI allowed me to develop critical thinking skills. I matured as an individual here and this helped me adapt easily to the academic rigour at Imperial College. The lecturers at UCSI really go out of their way to help students and their advice got me ready for the admissions interviews at top British universities”
Studied Foundation in Business. Currently in First Year UCSI Actuarial Science

“Enrolled in Foundation in Business at UCSI College, I have gained invaluable knowledge and learning experiences. The lecturers are committed, creative and enthusiastic which makes studying fun and enjoyable. They have created a sense of belonging for everyone in the classroom. This is what makes UCSI College my second home. “
Studied Foundation in Science. Currently in First Year UCSI Phamarcy

“UCSI College provides an ideal learning environment for my studies in science. With the world-class classroom and lab facilities, I could easily and comfortably pay attention in class. The lecturers are attentive and approachable that any difficulties and concerns I had were quickly resolved. I made the right choice to pursue my foundation programme at UCSI College.”
Diploma in English Language Teaching

"I find the learning facilities in the Learning Centre conducive for my studies. I enjoy much support in the areas of teaching and learning. UCSI College is well-equipped with facilities, making it an ideal place to get good work done. The personalised support from the lecturers not only within the classroom but beyond it helped me to realise my true potential."
Diploma in English Language Teaching

“I believe that environment shapes learning. Now, that’s what I’ve experienced in this institution. With ever so dedicated and intellectual lectures and supporting college mates, learning has become a beautiful process. I will be forever grateful for the lessons and wisdom received from this beautiful fountain of knowledge. That which has immensely contributed to my results.”
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